A month or so ago I made available my first ebook How Sermons Work. My second ebook, Endtimes Q&A (download pdf here) is an expanded version of “The Four (Main) Millennial Views,” which I presented today at the 2010 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology in Grand Rapids.

In the interests of clarity, precision, simplicity and brevity, the material is presented in question and answer (or “catechism”) format.

I’ve used pictures to illustrate and highlight many points. The link between text and picture is not always obvious, but will be all the more memorable if you can work it out!

Proof texts are kept to a minimum, and those I have used are placed in the footnotes to avoid clutter. Many other eschatology books will give you all the necessary scriptural references.

As this is only an introduction to the four main millennial views, I have kept things brief. I have also focused on the mainstream of each view rather than all the variations within each.

Although I have tried to fairly represent the four main millennial views as well as setting out the strengths and weaknesses of each, I am biased toward amillennialism. My original address was somewhat tilted in favor of amillennialism. This ebook is more obviously tilted in that direction. However, whatever your millennial view, I hope that Endtimes Q&A will help you to understand the alternatives better. If I have misrepresented any of the millennial views, I will gladly receive correction.

I am working on an expanded version of this ebook which will deal with the full range of eschatological subjects: death, intermediate state, final judgment, heaven, hell, etc.

I’m very grateful to my research assistant, PRTS student Derek Naves, for his help with the four millennial timelines in my Keynote presentation. I hope to get these posted on this blog next week. Some of the icons Derek designed are on the front cover of the ebook.


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  • John

    I was there today when you gave this talk at Byron Center today, and it was great! Thanks so much for being at the conference for our benefit. And thank you for posting this online! Blessings

  • Scott@fb

    Good work! This is extremely useful. I was looking at this very issue last year, and wish I had had this book available. I particularly liked reading about non-dispensationalist premil believers, because I can find very little info on them.

  • Matthew R

    Disappointed with the Byron Center talk that was not as objective as I would have liked – it was as you stated slanted to you view. Please give me your comments on pages 263-271 from Tthe Coming Millennial Kingdom, by Donald Campbell and Jeffrey Townsend, Kregel, 1999.Thanks

  • Daniel Cheng

    Given the dispensational premillenialism is the most complex one, shouldn’t you spend more pages on explaining how it works?On page 53, on “confusion between wrath and tribulation”:–This is because DP take the tribulation in Revelation as literally 7 years. This tribulation is referred as “seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God” in Rev 15. In DP’s view, this tribulation is special, one-time event and have very specific purpose. This is “all or none” — you can’t mix amillenialist’s (recurrening) tribulation view with pretibulationist’s rapture view. If one accept there is a special “the tribulation”, everything would sounds much more logical.And the old covement worship thing is much more complex…. the rebuild of temple in the seven year is for facilitating the appearing of *the* anti-christ. It is not for worshipping.(histroical and dispensational) premillenialist believe there are many tribulation and there is one speicial *the* tribulation. There (may be) lots of anti-christ, but there is one speicial *the* anti-christ. This is one of the reason why amillenialist found premillenialist’s book confusing or inconsistent.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for making your work available for free; i look forward to reaad it and share with my fellows. God bless you.

  • David Murray

    Matthew: Sorry you were disappointed. I’ll try to look up that book you mentioned. Daniel: Yes, I probably should have spent more time on the premill disp scheme. However, there is so much variation that I figured if I kept to the basics I would be on safer ground. There are many, many books which go into detail, but not many that aim for a simple summary. That’s the purpose of my short ebook.

  • Philip lazar

    David. U say that “I am biased toward amillennialism. My original address was somewhat tilted in favor of amillennialism.” than u cannot be corrected. Dr. Kim Riddlebarger says in his Riddleblog that his blog “7). No blue language or rudeness will be tolerated in the comments. This is my site and if I don’t approve of your comments, off you go! This is law and not gospel!” have u noticed His amillennialism is the only truth nobody can challenge it. According to what Riddlebarger had a say on this issue is law not a gospel. And u comes under the same category that by saying your “biased towards amillennialism” and at the same time requesting for correction how it can be done. Tell your readers Whether Pastor John MacArthur or Dr. Riddlebarger should be corrected How????And how u want to be corrected.Let me tell u something. Amillenist will suffer a lot if 1000yrs literal kingdom of Christ happens, it will not effects a dispensationalist premil believer. If it happens than the amiilenist will be thrown out. If it does not happen nothing the dispensationalist premil is going to lose.Does God is going to judge a person according to what he had believed on the eschatological issues?????Philip Lazar, PastorIndiaphiliplazar@yahoo.in

  • purisomniapura

    Dr. Murray, are you still conducting these seminars on Eschatology? If so, how does one find out about them? thanks

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      No, but by the end of the summer I should have an online version available. I’ll post it on the blog when ready.

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  • http://www.delightinchrist.com Andrew Jacobson

    the link for the book doesn’t work and I would really love to give this resource to people in the church I serve at. Is there still a way to get a hold of the PDF?

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Andrew, I’m in the midst of re-writing and I’ll be posting it on my blog again quite soon

  • Robert Hayton

    The download link doesn’t work anymore, but the Scribd link here does: http://www.scribd.com/doc/28689653/null

    • http://dpradke.wordpress.com/ Dan Radke

      Is there any way to download this file without a Scribd membership? I try clicking the various links to “Download” and I keep being asked to sign-in or join and pay money for a subscription to Scribd.