Want to find and worship Christ in the Old Testament? Need a weekly Bible Study that’s doctrinal, devotional, and doable? Trying to help your children study the Bible on a Sunday afternoon, but they aren’t great readers? Looking for a Sunday school series that marries “old” theology with new technology. The CrossReference series of films from Head Heart Hand Media may be for you.

CrossReference has been created to help Christians understand and enjoy the Old Testament in a Christ-centered way. The first season of ten films will be on Christ’s Old Testament appearances as the Angel of the Lord. We plan a number of other seasons, of 8-10 films each, to cover Christ in prophecy, Christ in the Tabernacle, Christ in the Psalms, etc. The films are 4-5 minutes each, and both the DVD and digital download versions will come with short study guides containing questions for application, quotations for meditation, and suggestions for further study.

To whet your appetite, from March 1 onwards, we will be releasing one film a week for free streaming via various websites. You can keep up-to-date via Head Heart Hand’s Facebook page or Twitter feed or our website. And to entice you a bit further, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our first day in the studio last week.


    Looks like a well polished piece of work. Good to see more technological stuff from a Reformed perpective.