It was good to be back in the pulpit on Sunday morning for the first time since my illness. I’ve never before felt so privileged to be a preacher of the Gospel.

Don’t know if this is helpful or not, but thought I would post my sermon notes from that sermon. As some of you know, I am a strong advocate of preaching without notes (or with minimal dependence upon them). I’ve written about the why and the how before.

So here’s an example of what I do. I write out my sermon in full; well not quite full, but about 80-90% of what I plan to say. Then I reduce the 4-5 draft pages to one page of highlighted outline which I study until I have the structure and points fairly well cemented in my mind. Before I preach, I pray the points of this outline to my own heart, kind of preaching and applying it to myself and making each point a matter of adoration, thanksgiving, confession, or supplication. I find that process really helps to give clarity to my mind and passion to my heart.

Obviously I don’t remember everything I wanted or planned to say. However, I’ve decided that the sacrifice of some material, and even of precise grammatical expression, is worth it for enhanced contact with my listeners.

So, here’s the “full” notes, here’s the outline, and here’s the resulting audio. BTW, this was a communion service, which means that my eighth point (don’t usually have that many) was spoken at the Lord’s Table – hence not recorded.

And for those who just want some bullet points, here they are:

1. Your body is defiled by sin (9-10)
2. Your body is saved by God (11)
3. Your body remains vulnerable (12)
4. Your body is for the Lord (13-15)
5. Your body is a member of Christ (15-17)
6. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (18-19)
7. Your body was bought with a price (20)
8. Your body is to glorify God (20)

1 Cor 6v20 Outline.pdf
Download this file
  • Steve

    Dr. Murray, thank you for posting your notes. Helpful!At what point during the week do you normally have the condensed outline finished? Grateful to our Lord that He has sustained you to continue preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  • Joe Steenholdt

    Dr. Murray, thanks for posting the “inside scoop” with the finished work. I’m also glad it was included since the last point is not on the audio. Welcome back to the pulpit, this was truly an edifying Gospel message.While listening to it my mind also went to the beautiful words from the HC Q&A 1 – “That I with body and soul, both in life and death, am not my own, but belong to my Savior Jesus Christ;…” as well as the hymn “Take my Life and Let it Be” (which I wondered if you referenced in point 8e since wording is similar).

  • David Murray

    Steve: Thanks for your good wishes. I’m a bit of a late preparer (Fri/Sat), although I’m trying to change that. Joe: Thanks for your kind remarks. Never thought of HC 1, but I should have. Yes, I used the “Take my life..,” in the last point.