As some of the newer readers to this blog may not be aware of the Children’s Bible Reading plan that I’ve been offering for almost a year, here’s an explanation of what I’m trying to do.

Basically, every Saturday I post a daily Bible reading plan for the week ahead. It’s what I use with my own children and it’s characterized by:

1. Brevity. I want this to be do-able. It is more important to be reading small chunks of Scripture regularly than setting the bar too high and failing. Of course I wish my children wanted to read Scripture more, but if I can get them to spend 5 minutes with the Bible, morning and evening, then I will be happy. And hopefully they will develop a growing appetite for it themselves.

2. Variety. I chose Old Testament in the morning and New Testament in the evening. I also want to vary between narrative, poetry, practical, etc. However as my two girls are only 8 and 7, the emphasis will be more on the stories of the Bible. Sometimes I’ll skip some chapters that are especially difficult for children. They can be read and studied when the children are older and better able to profit from them.

3. Simplicity. The pattern is a few verses for reading, and either a verse to write out or a question to answer in the morning and evening. I’ve added a couple of extra questions for the Saturday reading that are a bit more personal and applicatory?

4. Accountability. Although this system is to help me be more accountable for shepherding my children, I also want to make my children accountable. That’s why I ask them to write a verse and an answer a day. And its also why I ask them to bring me their work at least weekly, and try to have a brief discussion with each of them.

5. Unity. One advantage of this is that we will all be reading in the same part of the Bible (my wife and I included). Whatever else we read, we will all have read these verses as a minimum. That means we can all talk about the same passage of Scripture at meals, etc. I hope this will give our family a spiritual unity as we journey on together.

As some friends felt that twice a day readings were too much, especially for kids going out to school in the morning, I also started posting a second set of Bible study notes that have one reading per day. These will go through a book or two from the New Testament, then a book from the Old Testament, then back to the New Testament, and so on. I’ll also leave some space on these notes to write down matters for prayer.

All this has to be bathed in prayer if it is to be a spiritual blessing to the children (and to me). I don’t want it to degenerate into a legalistic exercise where the daily and weekly routine just becomes a boring drudging “ought-to.” However, God does use the reading of Scripture to make sinners wise unto salvation. My hope and prayer is that eventually my children, and all our children, will no longer read because of external pressure or habit, but because they want to, because they have a passion for the Christ that the Scriptures testify of.

Anyway, after all that, here’s this week’s morning and evening reading plan in Word and pdf.

Here’s this week’s single reading plan for morning or evening in Word and pdf.

And for those who want to start at the beginning, here’s six months of the morning and evening in pdf, and here’s six months of the single reading plan in pdf.

And if you want to explore this subject further, here’s a great post from Brian Croft on pastoring our children.

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  • Anna Frey

    is it okay to pass this reading plan to my children church ministry?

    • David Murray

      Sure Anna. That’s what it’s there for!

      • jacqueline espinal

        just want to know how bless i feel to find a plan that’s so simple that my kids and i can do together. As a growing christian i know im going to learn a bunch so are my children..
        thank you and God Bless

        • David Murray

          Thanks Jacqueline

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  • Yvonne Manning

    I just stumbled upon your site and absolutely love the way you have broken the plan down for kids. I think you have done a great job in ensuring that they not only read the Word, but have some understanding of it as well. I was wondering if you have reading plans beginning Genesis and Matthew? God bless!

  • Allison

    I love the format of the children’s reading plan. Is there one available in chronological order? I’m not looking to include every account, but would like to start with Jesus being with God from the beginning, creation, birth of Christ include some prophecy fulfilled, His ministry/miracles,crucifixion, resurrection, character builders, touch on second coming and our responsibilities as Christians in actions, intecessory prayer, evangelism, etc.
    Sorry – just trying to provide a picture of what I’m looking for. If it’s not available, what you did is already wonderful, thank you. If you do ever have something in chrono
    order in the future, please let me know. I want to have a unit study with all of my children next year while homeschooling instead of each child doing something different.

    I love your format because the whole family is on one or two verses and we can discuss it without it being so much for the kids that they get lost. Thank you. God bless you.

    • David Murray

      Sorry Allison, this is all I have. Canonical order rather than chronological. Glad it’s of some help.

  • Elisa Hightower

    Hello, do you still post weekly Bible reading plans?

    • David Murray

      Yes, every Saturday.

  • Rhonda

    I just want to say Thank You for doing this!!! I am a homeschool mom of three children. We are beginning our school year in just a couple of weeks. I have been searching for some type of reading plan for my children to do each day. Your plans are AWESOME!!! I have downloaded them and will definitely be using them with my children each and every day. God Bless You for being the godly father that you are to be teaching your children and to also be helping us out as well!! Thank You again so much!!

    • David Murray

      Thanks Rhonda. I hope these studies are as great a blessing to your family as they have been to mine.

  • Barb

    Wow, Mr.Murray,
    I have been searching and desiring a simple start for my twin 6 year old boys. We have started our first year of homeschool, and I put bible on the top of our agenda. Unfortunately, the spaces were empty because I am not organized enough to portion out appropriate scripture readings for my children. You solved that problem for me. I only had to look at the first page of the morning/evening plan to know that I had found the right stuff! We study Torah weekly as well (which is quite lengthy) so this is the perfect supplement. I agree that little bits are best, especially for young children. My children are showing a hunger for scripture and they love to copy scripture. So, obviously, I was pleased that you have a section which allows them to do so. This will fill them up! So blessed to have found you! May the Father bless you and your family!

    • David Murray

      Glad to be of help, Barb. Delighted to hear of your children’s hunger for Scripture. Hope and pray this daily plan will not only satisfy it but increase it.

  • Fernando

    Wow! Thank you so much for this. Btw, your book, Christians get depressed too, was a major help too me.

    Grace & Peace.

    • David Murray

      Thanks Fernando. Glad the book was helpful.

  • Wangeci Rukenya

    Thank you so much for the Children Bible reading plan. For me this is an answered prayer. I have been having this burden of teaching and encouraging my children to read the Bible but I didnt know how to do it. May God richly bless you.

  • Dennis Minnis


    Could I get your first reading plan sent to me by e-mail along with the other reading plans?

    Where did you start your first plan with your kids?

    In Christ,

    Dennis Minnis

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  • Jessica

    Hello David,
    Thankyou for putting these Children’s Bible Reading Plans together!! I’m going to print them out for my kids as well, but my question is, do you only have reading plans for Luke and John?? My eldest daughter would like to read through Genesis but with a plan like you have made up. Do you plan to do something similar to this for other books of the Bible as well? Just thought I’d ask. Thankyou! Jess

    • David Murray

      If you do a search on the blog for “Bible reading” you will find all the previous entries including Luke and John. We are in the process of working through Genesis. In the next couple of weeks my assistant will be putting together all the previous plans in one document.

  • Gordon Macleod

    Thanks David, came across this today following the link on you tweet will look at starting this with our girls.
    Wishing you every blessing for 2013.

    • David Murray

      Hope it goes well, Gordon.

  • Christina

    Brother Murray,

    I see in the comments you are working on Genesis. Is it your advice I wait to start this with my children when that comes out in a few weeks or do you recommend starting in your “beginning” plan?
    I thank God for using you to bless others in helping us with this God given responsibility to our children.

    May God be glorified.

    In Christ,

    • David Murray

      Christine: If you look at the most recent Bible Reading plans, you will see that we have already started Genesis. But if you give me a few days, we will be posting plans that cover individual books which should help going forward.

  • David Murray

    Here’s a post with new handouts that I hope will meet most of the requests in comments and emails.

  • didith aligan

    thanks a lot…will use this to our children ministry… God bless you and your ministries..

  • Wendy

    Thank you so much for the reading plans. I will enjoy working through these each day with my girls. Thanks so much. Wendy

    • David Murray

      Thanks Wendy.

  • Margery H.

    I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found this. Just this weekend, my 8-year old daughter was tearfully telling me that she tries to read the Bible everyday, but it just doesn’t make sense. I was thinking that she probably needed more guidance in finding child-appropriate and brief passages. Then, I was daunted at the task, of doing it myself. Two days later, a link to this blog post shows up in my inbox! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • David Murray

      So glad this came at the right time, Margery.

  • Zithobile

    Thank you so, so much for this. I have just stumbled on your site while searching for a more acceptable way of reading the bible with my 10 year old. Last night, I could see that she was battling and I discussed with my wife on finding a better plan that will not only make sense but also engage her as well. Thank you and may God richly increase you!!


  • Benita

    Thank you! Want to add a activity every day to this rading, and a do 1 good thing a day!

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  • Emily

    So thankful that I found your site! Would love to know your advice about doing this with my 5 year old (turning 6 in two months actually), he’s a beginning reader at about the 1st grade level, and I just got him an NIRV Bible (not my first choice but that’s what I could get here since we live overseas) – I imagine that when doing these Bible readings he would need our help at least initially. What do you think? He doesn’t write much at all so I won’t overwhelm him by asking him to write down his answers but will use the question as discussion. Do you think this plan will work for this age? Any suggestions/idea? Thanks again for all that you’ve done!

  • Allison

    THANK YOU for this reading plan! I’ve been looking for a good Bible reading plan for my 7 year old daughter! I love how you use both questions and copywork. Thank you again!

  • GerthaBehn

    Its really very informative and useful content about the children bible reading plan through this children can read the Bible with there other studies. Thanks for sharing and get the attention on a serious matter of children bible reading plan.

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  • Suzanne

    I’m very excited to stumble upon this site last night as I google’d “bible lesson plan 6 year old”. Yes I was that specific! You are spot on…it was short, simple and even though I didn’t have the plan printed out, yet, we discussed the question and I was impressed that my son actually understood and got it! I’m looking forward to seeing what God will do in BOTH of our hearts. Thank you!

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  • Stuart Mackinnon

    Can I also just add my thanks both for taking the time to put these together and for sharing this blessing with the rest of us to use in blessing and shepherding our children. God bless.

    • David Murray

      Thank you for the encouragement, Stuart. You are very welcome.

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  • Jessica

    Thank you for taking the time to pull this together! Last night my 8 yr old gave her life to Christ and I want to make sure she understands the importance of reading her Bible. This method will be a great help to her and me! Thank you!

  • Megan

    We just ended this 6 mo plan… Where can I find more? This is great!!