Should Christians use anti-depressants?
Rachel Stone posts a helpful response to Monica Selby’s initial post of the same title.  The comments under Rachel’s response are also worth a read.

20 things a husband can say to defuse an argument with his wife.
I find “Sorry, I was 100% wrong as usual” works best.

Life, ministry, and “wasting time”
Zack Eswine urges pastors to “waste” more time.

Follow-up on the call for more “Chaplain” pastors
Justin Taylor links to couple of follow-up posts to Mark Galli’s appeal for more “Chaplain” pastors. Mark Galli’s response is certainly worth a read.

Gay Rights are human rights
The UK and USA used to “export” the Gospel to Africa. Now we’re forcing homosexuality upon the continent, under threat of the withdrawal of foreign aid. No wonder Africa is now sending missionaries to us.

Did Christians give marriage away?
Anthony Carter takes us to task.

Rowan Williams “confronts” social collapse
Wish the UK had an Al Mohler or an Anthony Carter.

Jesus was a free marketeer not an occupier
So argues Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Needless to say, the Archbishop of Canterbury has Him occupying Wall Street.

  • Andrew

    Catching up on some reading …
    David, I’m a bit surprised at your comment “Wish the UK had an Al Mohler or an Anthony Carter”. In what way do you mean that?

    • David Murray

      Andrew what I meant was that I wish the Uk had a goto Christian spokseman like Al Mohler or Anthony Carter who speak clearly and courageously on moral issues. In the UK, while there are faithful voices and spokespersons, they don’t have the public prominence. Sadly, almost all the publicly prominent voices, like the Archbishop of Canterbury, are worse than useless.