Some fine articles on counseling and related issues in CCEF’s new magazine. Available here in pdf.

Bringing the Gospel Home
Crossway have made Randy Newman’s book on family evangelism available for free. I haven’t read it myself yet, but I’ve read good reports about it.

“Ultimate Questions” App for Android
John Blanchard’s “Ultimate Questions” is now in 64 languages and has been given out 16 million times. Now there’a an App for that. EP’s aim is to get it on to as many Android phones in the world as possible.

Almost freebies
Here are some great deals from Cruciform Press. You could do worse than buying someone a monthly subscription for a monthly book.

Christian life
Your spiritual life depends upon killing sin
In a day when there is so much confusion about the relationship between the Gospel and sanctification, Tim Challies returns to the Puritans for some reliable pastoral guidance.

Maybe Timeliness is next to Godliness
Jared  Olivetti highlights the problem of late-coming to public worship, and offers some solutions.

Finding a quiet time in a life that’s far from quiet
Calling all mothers of young children. This one’s for you.

A Petition about Petitions
Dave Doran, President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, thought about starting an iPetition against iPetitions. Instead he wrote this. I’m not convinced but it definitely made me think about how best to appeal to civil authorities, commercial enterprises, and other institutions when they contravene biblical standards.

Have Americans lost their work ethic
Newt Gingrich said poor teens don’t see people working so don’t learn work habits. CNN, yes CNN, agrees and goes further, arguing that Americans have lost their work ethic, and that even rich kids lack purpose. One thing we can say about Newt, he’s definitely a conversation starter.