Time Management
Making Peace with Time
Some perspective-shifting thoughts on time management.

The science of email
Want to know who matters most to you in your life? Measure email response time! Gulp!!

Assorted tips from a sage
Most of them will save you time.

Thoughts on Seminary from a Graduating Seminarian
Some great thoughts here from SWBTS graduate, Casey Lewis.

Preaching Proverbs
Charles provides links to three posts on preaching Proverbs from the Biblical Preaching blog. If you go to the Biblical Preaching Homepage, you’ll find further posts.

7 Characteristics of a Competent Counselor
Phil Monroe gives me a flying start as I gear up to start teaching counseling again.

  • http://christianitymatters.wordpress.com Casey Lewis

    Thank you for recommending your follows read my blog post. I appreciate it.


    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      It was a great post, Casey. I hope all my students read it!