Seminary Scholarship
It’s not a lot, but every little helps.

Dangers of Missionalism
“Missionalism…is a leader’s disease. Like a common cold that begins with a small cough, missionalism catches on in a leader’s life and seems at first so inconsequential. But let this disease catch hold and you are likely to have bodies strewn all over the place, the leader’s and some of the leader’s followers.”

Married to an extrovert
Why do so many of us marry our opposites? “We seek the strengths that we lack. Whether consciously or not, we recognize our own weaknesses and look for a partner that can fill in the holes: someone who brings balance to our lives.”

And here’s Bill Vandoodewaard with a further reflection on how Christians should handle their own personalities.

2 Secrets to Better Work: Focus and Distraction
Sounds contradictory, but I think Justin gets this about right.