Spurgeon on depression
Phil Johnson picks out a gem from The cost of being a soul winner: “Some years ago, I was the subject of fearful depression of spirit. Certain troublous events had happened to me; I was also unwell, and my heart sank within me. Out of the depths I was forced to cry unto the Lord. Just before I went away to Mentone for rest, I suffered greatly in body, but far more in soul, for my spirit was overwhelmed.”

30 things to remember in Seminary
Burk Parsons says “Satan is at work in Seminaries” and provides 30 defenses and counter-attacks.

Email checklist
It’s obviously a day for long lists, 36 points long in this case.

An Open Letter to My College Students
Good one to ponder during the Spring break.

Being a better blog commenter
Don’t have too many problems on this blog, but here’s a helpful compilation that could apply to most of our communications.

Blind man drives Google car