Ministering personally to minister pastorally
“Who are the people from the multitude that God has placed in your life? Name them. Those are the souls—precious souls—for whom Christ has compassion. Minister to those few in your heart and you’ll actually minister to many. Minister Christ personally and you will minister Him pastorally.”

3 Simple Counseling Lessons from the Titanic
Never thought I’d read that…nor write it.

The Lie(s) of Feminism
“Fourteen weeks pregnant, I told her what my plan was: to have a baby. The whole table went silent. Male professors were surprised and awkward, but the women were visibly angry.”

How email has ruined leisure time
If you like scary infographics…

Graduation Gifts for Teens
Redeemed Reader make some suggestions. Got any ideas yourself?

The recipe for a successful pastor
If there is such a thing…And staying with Paul Tripp, here’s a beautifully read piece from his book on Psalm 51 (HT: Dane Ortlund)

  • Camille

    Read your article on the Titanic. Wanted to point out that #1 is more myth than fact. A magazine article writer said the ship was ‘practically unsinkable’, but it is my understanding no one from the parent company made this claim. It makes for a better story from Hollywood, but as we know Hollywood isn’t high on the list of being accurate or truthful.