Someone is wrong on the Internet
R C Sproul Jr: “There is someone wrong on the Internet. It’s probably you. Log off, hug your kids, kiss your wife, and go get some of His rest. The world will not only be there when you get back, it will have been made better.”

Love covers a multitude of sins
Tim Challies helps us to decide what to do when a Christian sins against us: Lovingly overlook that sin or lovingly address that sin?

Before we demand that apology
Challenging OT-prophet-style writing from Pastor Lance about the past and present racial sins of the church – of both colors.

10 Writing Tips from a Real Life Editor
“Blog posts containing tips are a dime a dozen, but every now and then you come across some real gold—tips offered by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. ”

This might sting
“We have all had those requests for “a word with you” after the morning sermon.   A listener has listened and now they would like to speak, to voice their take on a particular section of the message. I can usually tell by the expression on their face if they want to correct something I have said.  A furrowed brow forms a fleshy umbrella over their concerned eyes.  Perhaps they hazard a light hand on my shoulder.”

Toddlers and Discretion
“I agree that we must protect the privacy of our teenagers.  But I don’t think we need to stop there.  Remember; things on the internet don’t go away.  Junior may not care today about the fact that we have just described in lurid detail the contents of his diaper at nap time.  But he might care later.”