Credo Magazine
This is undoubtedly the most beautiful online Christian magazine I’ve come across.  Content is great too. Click on “Expand” for a fine example of how to use technology for God’s glory.

Dropping out: Is college worth the cost?
Alex Chediak highlights a 60 Minutes documentary on Peter Thiel’s offer of $100,000 to drop out of college and pursue your innovation. And if you do go to college, here’s an article by Alex on How to thrive in College.

Prayer as pastoral work
“Prayer is vital pastoral work. But it doesn’t make for a conventionally attractive conference topic today like leadership techniques, growth strategies, and cutting-edge programs.”

The Elisha Foundation
Greg Lucas introduces two short Elisha Foundation videos with these words: “When disability wrecks your call to the mission field, perhaps disability is your mission.” If you click through to Youtube on the links at the top of each video, you can view them in full size. It’s worth the click.

Competitive Mothering
There’s definitely a book in this, Tim.

Three ways the NT writers quote the OT
These lectures look worth a listen.

  • Kim Shay

    Re: Competitive Mothering. “There’s definitely a book in this, Tim.” I had a similar thought when I read it.

  • Dan

    Re: Credo – not only a beautiful magazine in presentation and content but on a beautiful topic! In humility you did not mention the persons pictured on pp 12-13!

    While all comments on p. 19 were helpful, I particularly enjoyed those of Drs. Lawson and Beeke. What pictures those are, of the magnificence of God’s grace as He has revealed it to us!