If you’re reading this blog, and you probably are, you need to watch this movie. Even if you’re not reading this blog, you need to watch this movie. Runner-up for “Best Documentary” at the recent San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, Captivated is all about “finding freedom in a media captive culture.”

Mediatalk 101 leader, Philip Telfer, takes us on a nationwide tour of experts, families, and individuals, to demonstrate not only the problems of techno-media slavery, but also how God’s Word addresses the unique challenges we face today.

Visit the website for more information and some nice discount offers on purchases of two or more DVDs. Why not buy a batch for your church or school, or arrange a showing? What will you get for your money?

  1. Expert commentary: wide range of insightful commentary from scientists, doctors, theologians, journalists
  2. Hope-filled testimonies: numerous inspiring stories of how individuals and families have been delivered from techno-media slavery
  3. Diversity of contributors: lots of gender, age, and racial variety in both the commentary and the testimonials
  4. Professional filming: high standards of photography and audio that make it a real pleasure to watch and listen
  5. Wide suitablity: I watched it with my wife, two daughters (8 & 10), and two teenage sons (14 & 15) and we were all “captivated” from beginning to end
  6. Gospel focus: the film progressively moves towards the Gospel and sets forth Christ as the ultimate deliverer of all captives.

I have no financial interest in this film and I was not asked or paid to write this review. I just think it’s a tremendous resource for churches and families who need all the help they can get to produce Christ-captivated lives.

  • AJ

    Here, here! My wife and I watched it several weeks ago and we too were “captivated”. It gave us much affirmation to the decisions we made years ago regarding our young children and “the media fast”. There is much insight to be gained from the studies presented throughout. Very informative and relevant documentary.

  • Alistair Bruce

    David, thanks for this post. I had not heard of this movie and I will check it out.

    I want to put on the table some alternative points for thought provocation. I observe an anti-technology/media vain in the church at times that seems to be selective.

    One never sees a book or movie on such dangers as:

    - an over addiction to sewing or gardening or woodworking or making tapestries. These non-”e” hobbies that have been around for a long time. Could these not be captivating dangers also? One video on the site was someone confessing an addiction to Farmville…come one…are we making that the new “dancing”? This sounds like a list a modern pharisee might produce.

    Why is everything “e” treated in it’s own category?

    You and I were both raised in Scotland. I came from a town where the Close (Exclusive) Brethren in the 1970′s led many astray into what was extreme cultish legalism which included rules like No TV watching. This became it’s own prison of legalism which turned many people away from the faith.

    I worry that a works righteousness can be a play.

    So, I commend that we challenge any distraction..we need that. All I am putting on the table is that “e” should not be in it’s own category. I am sometimes think that some evangelicals think that if we were living in the 1800′s we would be default more Godly…not true.

    • Cynthia Eppley, MA

      I have just viewed the trailer and it looks like this movie is quite thought provoking. I also agree with Alistair Bruce. While the current media flooding removes us from people, the foundational root of moving us from loving God and serving people remains. Almost any hobby/interest/activity can be used
      to glorify God and serve people. These same things may also be used to our detriment; we all form our own idols so easily. Our pride in what we do or don’t do can be a legalistic and self righteous trap.

    • Melissa Yakes

      Alistair, I think what you said was very appropriate! Thank you :)

    • David Murray

      Hi Alistsair: I’m fishing on the lake right now, so I’ll be brief. You make a great point. Maybe the fact that I’m typing this on the lake highlights the special danger of technology – it’s all pervasive. It follows us everwhere in a way that must other good things don’t. I’m actually very positive about Technology – always have been. I think the film strikes a good balance too. It doesn’t condemn FarmVille, but only the abuse of it, and this lady’s story is helpful in establishing that. So, yes, dangers abound on both sides, but I think this film is a good contribution to helping us find the place where tec serves us rather than enslaves us.

    • http://www.docsdining.blogspot.com Jason

      Although your points are well-heeded, there are a lot of people who argue that the passive nature of technology is much different than the active nature of other hobbies like sewing or gardening. As a neuropsychologist, I would much rather see someone who is engaged in active or creative tasks than things like television, internet, and even video games. I think the research is starting to show the potential detriment of some of these things as well.

      • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

        That makes a lot of sense, Jason.

    • http://dryicepacks.com Lee

      I think you’re missing the point slightly. Satan has free reign to speak to you through the media that you consume. That door is not really open if you’re gardening or sewing.
      If you’re saved, then you have seen even subtle things in places like the Animal Channel, Where you think it would be second. And when your gardening or sewing you’re not exposed to whole lot of perverted homosexuality or gratuitous sex and violence.

  • Christopher Welch

    I was able to see this for the first time about two weeks ago. As a videographer and editor, this was an extremely well done production. I think the best thing they did was omit the soundtrack – it allowed the message of the film to come through without distraction. The diversity of the interviewees was impressive and telling. In fact, the message impacted me so strongly that I am dispensing with my entire collection of Hollywood DVD’s; selling or giving them away. And I love movies, they have been a big part of my life for the past 6 years. But this documentary illustrated the grip that media has on our culture and I want to be free of that ‘hold’ that Hollywood has had on me. This needs to be viewed by churches across the country. Keep spreading the Word.

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  • Clubbeaux

    Surely this is some ironic joke: “… a nationwide tour of experts, families, and individuals, to demonstrate not only the problems of techno-media slavery, but also how God’s Word addresses the unique challenges we face today.

    “Visit the website for more information and some nice discount offers on purchases of two or more DVDs. Why not buy a batch for your church…”

    • Christian


      I am very well acquainted with the ministry that put this documentary out, Media Talk 101. You aren’t the first to claim the irony of producing a DVD and using the internet to inform people of the present dangers we face in today’s media saturated society. The truth, though, is that it is not irony at all because this ministry is in no way anti-media. In fact as you pointed out they have used media quite a bit. From PowerPoint presentations to podcasts, email, video, and the list could go on; this ministry understands the power of the media platform and its ability to convey messages. With that kind of influencing power come all kinds of dangers as well, though. That is what this ministry is all about. We, as Christians, face a lot of stumbling blocks to spiritual growth and the culture we are currently in compounds that. Media Talk 101 is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging and challenging individuals to go deeper in their walk with Christ. They are neither technophobes nor technophiles.

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  • Christian

    One more thing.
    Here is a link Media Talk 101′s website where the founder of the ministry and producer of Captivated explains this for himself.


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