Principles for Voting
This is an older article from R.C. Sproul, but so bang-up-to-date. Hard-hitting too.

Confronting an abuser
Five questions to ask before confronting a perpetrator.

The Great God Entertainment
Jeremy Walker offers a snippet from Tozer.

My perfect life with anorexia
This helped me understand a disorder that’s really been a bit of a mystery to me. If you’re interested in practical help in dealing with addictions, Paul Tautges has gathered a number of great resources.

Harvard Students in Cheating Scandal say Cheating was Accepted
What a mess! And this was an “Introduction to Congress” course!! If this is happening at Harvard…

If you want a job, start doing it
I love this idea – a venture capital fund for college graduates. The former President of Google Enterprise has launched Upstart, a crowd-funding platform that lets college grads raise capital in exchange for a small share of their future income.