Pastors are hurting
LifeWay Research conducted a national survey of Protestant pastors and found widespread discouragement and loneliness. Thom Rainer analyzes why.

When ministry becomes a mistress
“Idolatry creep sneaks up on you because you can easily and quickly justify it by saying that everything you do is for the Lord, believing your motives are pure.”

Women in the body
The church, that is. Kim Shay found that mean girls are in the church as well as the school yard.

How do be a writer: 201 compelling tips
Didn’t know it was that simple.

Working from home makes you more productive
13% more to be precise. Good to know when I’m doing a lot more work at home during my sabbatical.

Who will online education help?
Education is changing, for sure, but who will benefit from the change?

  • James

    I’ll speak for the pastor I know best. Most of the discouragement and loneliness comes from unbelief and a functionally hierarchical approach to ministry that directly contradicts my biblical convictions about the the plurality of the elders. This is exacerbated when failure to prepare adequately for the Lord’s Day results in my failing to enjoy THE Sabbath (not just some nebulous rest principle). But the greatest of these is unbelief: forgetting why I’m in ministry, for whom I’m in ministry, upon whom my ministry depends, and how He feeds birds and dresses flowers, when He hasn’t even adopted them as His children through Christ.

    • David Murray

      Yep, can identify with all this!