The OT in the NT: 5 Presuppositions, 9 Steps, 1 Example
Someone needs to teach poor Justin how to write blog headlines! Despite trying his best to make sure no one clicks on this, I’d strongly encourage you to do so. He’ll get the hang of this blogging lark eventually.

Blogs are not enough
Joe Thorn: “Good books are better than good blogs because they generally offer a more serious, sustained, carefully edited and reviewed work focused on a given subject.”

Gone Daddy
My wife’s blogging partner, Elina, launches herself into the blogosphere with her maiden post.

Aussie MP’s reject Gay Marriage
“The House of Representatives voted down the bill to legalise marriage between same sex couples by 98 to 42, with Labour Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition conservative leader Tony Abbott both voting against it.”

When parenting pride bites you from behind
“Teenagers have a way of humbling you, forcing you to your knees, teaching you dependence upon God, and that too much certainty can be a bad thing.”

10 Reasons why People Lose their Jobs
Turn these into positives and you’ll find the skills you need to do well in today’s workplace. From talking to various employers and small businessmen, #5 is becoming one of the most important job skills.