What’s one thing you wish you had learned in school?
I’d put my “Amen” to each of these. Oh yes, and as someone who left High School one year early and went straight into the workplace, I would have loved it if someone had jus once explained to me the “why” of education.

Math Pep Talk
It would have helped to have Barry York around as well. I sent this one to my son.

Heroes and Heroines
In the aftermath of the Paralympics, Shona writes about the parents of children that will never wear gold medals.

Preaching the Psalms
Adrian Reynolds with four neat and memorable categories.

Poythress on Grammatical-Historical Exegesis
Three positives and six dangers

A New Chapter in the Homeschool Movement
“Homeschooling families will thrive if they work together, not maroon themselves on separate islands.”