A dying pastor’s letter to his town
Reminds me so much of Acts 20.

TV Anchor Stands up to Bully with a Public On-air Shaming

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Working from Home
I’ve swung to and fro on this one. So much depends on whether you can control interruptions in your workplace office.

This Election’s Choice
Further to the question “Should I vote for the lesser of two evils?” Dan Phillips says, “Yes,” but Thabiti says “No.”

6 Categories in Proverbs

New TGC Jobs Board
Ministry opportunities.

  • Reg Schofield

    As a Canadian and having a interest in politics , I have found the arguments for not voting or voting for the lesser of two evils with the US election fascinating. I have practiced the fine of art of ballot spoiling. When I have found that I have no alternative to vote for , I will still exercise my right to enter the ballot box . But once inside have simply marked no to all . Some within my circle disagree with me but I will not choose anyone I have huge differences with on issues that are clearly evil. So from now on I will point people to Thabiti’s article , to which I fully agree .