How do you feed ten hungry mouths…every day? I enjoyed reading this homeschooling Mom’s answer.

I never realised that we even had food rules until I started to write this post… but horrors we do and lots of them!!! So I thought I would begin the series with se7en + 1 unspoken food rules in our home. A lot of our rules have evolved as the kids grow older and become more capable so the rules do change, they are a framework freeing us up from making major food decisions every single day. The rules are there to rely on but they are also their to be broken from time to time and I would never pin them up on the fridge and say… this is how it is done. Because families change and times change and needs change…

  1. We Cook And Eat and Clean-Up Together
  2. We Eat in One Place
  3. We Eat Three Meals a Day
  4. We Cook From Scratch, Mostly
  5. We Eat Out, But Not Take-Outs
  6. We Don’t Eat or Drink in Transit
  7. I Don’t Buy “Treats” Very Often
  8. Keep it Fun

Read the full post here. You’ll find lots of good ideas.

  • se7en

    I was reading the title in my feed and thought: “Now that’s a post I should read!!!” Thanks so much for the surprise when I got here!!! Hope you and your family have a fabulous weekend!!!