Using Social Media for Church Growth
“The right use of common [social] media is chiefly to bridge the gap with outsiders, between unfamiliarity and willingness to participate in a local Christian body. It is to bring people into contact with the Lord’s ordained media.”

Parents urged to intervene in Teens online life
“The American Academy of Pediatrics says parents need to be up-front about their right to monitor their children’s online activities. “In early adolescence, it’s fair to say at any given moment, ‘I can look at your computer; I can look at your phone,’”

How other cultures prevent postpartum depression
Fascinating lessons from third world countries, where post-partum depression is virtually non-existent.

Let the Bible elevate your mind
Joel Miller swims against the tide as he argues for sacral language to enhance our worship: “Too often we want a plug-and-play Bible, but to recapture that sense of the holy, to experience the elevation possible in word and phrase, perhaps we need to spend time with a translation that lifts us out of ordinary life, instead of doubling as an echo chamber for it.”

Interview with Thabiti
One of my favorite voices in the Reformed world. Here Thabiti answers the questions: Why Reformed theology is becoming increasingly popular among African Americans (0:00-5:13). How Reformed theology has impacted the African American church tradition (5:14-10:50). The reasons why many African American church leaders have tended toward liberal theology (10:50-13:49).

PovertyCure: From Aid to Enterprise
This beautifully produced film looks like a great DVD series/curriculum on how to cure poverty.