After supplying 70 teaching outlines on the Westminster Shorter Catechism yesterday, I thought I should go the whole way and just make available my teaching outlines on the Westminster Confession as well.

The text of the confession appears on the left side of the page and the outlines are lined up on the facing page.

I have followed the original text of 1646, from the manuscript of Cornelius Burges, Assessor to the Westminster Assembly, as published in the modern critical edition of 1937 by S. W. Carruthers. In order to increase this booklet’s usefulness in America, I have footnoted the most significant revisions made by the OPC, the PCA, the ARP and the RPCNA

Due to formatting issues, this is only available in pdf format. Again, feel free to adapt. I’m not bothered about having my name attached to these, but if you do use my name, just be sure to clearly distinguish your contribution from my own work.

Westminster Skeletons (2): Teaching Outlines on the Westminster Confession of Faith

  • Wesley

    Forgive my Baptistic ignorance, but is the goal to memorize the confession?

  • Brad Johnston

    Thank you so VERY much Dr. Murray. These sorts of “skeletons” give us younger pastors a sense of direction in preaching these things. No sense in reinventing the wheel. This will help my pastoral ministry immensely!

  • Shawn Anderson

    This is quite an improvement on what you had given us in class in 2009! This is a very helpful and practical tool for teaching the Confession, especially with the addition of the American Presbyterian revisions.

    Thank you again for your labors here. They are much appreciated.