The Prodigal Son(s) and Church Discipline
Some sobering words from Scotty Smith: “Although I have tons of great stories— grace stories of conversions and renewals— I don’t have many church-discipline stories about which I’m really excited.”

How to become a morning person
As a wise man said, “There’s gold in the teeth of the morning.”

How should Seminaries Train Pastors to Counsel
Original thinking and practical solutions.

The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation
Nothing has helped my own spiritual life and ministry more in the past few years than getting the writing bug.

An eBay for Professors to Sell College Courses Direct to Students
Somehow I don’t think there will be much demand for OT Exegesis courses.

Largest Iceberg Break-up Ever Caught on Camera
Awesome! (0.46-50). You will want to hit “mute” at 0.46-0.50 to avoid some profanity.

  • Paulette Murphy

    LOVE your blog, Dr. Murray. I read it daily and have been many times blessed. The God’s Technology DVD is wonderful, too! (And I could listen to your Scottish accent all day!)

    A suggestion: For your links, please warn if there is profanity. The huge ice berg calving has profanity in it spoken by the videographers.

    Keep up your great work… :D

  • David Murray

    Thanks Paulette for your kind words. And thanks for that suggestion. Sorry I missed that. I’ve updated my blog post.


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