5 Books to fill a gap in church history and doctrine
While reading Lifted by Angels recently, I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve benefited from Joel Miller’s use of the early church fathers. So when he recommends five books from 1000 years of ignored church history, I’m inclined to sit up and take note. And while we’re on the subject, Kent Shafer lists the top 14 books for church leaders from the early church period.

The Beauty in the Busy
This would have been a good Monday morning post for pastors. But Tuesday will do just as well.

Out of the Cave
As someone who’s just spent six months in the cave (in fact I’m still in it), I so appreciated Peter Leithart’s colorful description of the writing experience.

5 Things Bad Radio Guests Do (and 7 ways to rock on radio)
Essential reading for anyone who ever gives interviews on radio, TV, or Connected Kingdom podcasts!

Practical Shepherding
You’ll want to visit an re0visit Brain Croft’s blog for a constant supply of practical ministry posts.

Pleasing Grief and Mournful Joy
This post just gets better and better.