Christ in the Old Testament
From Calvin’s preface to the New Testament. And here’s another quotation on the same subject.

It’s time to speak
On male/female roles and relationships: “Here’s the deal: Father, Son and Spirit have different roles and they are still equal.  Their worth is not defined by their tasks.  It’s our worldview – not God’s – that assigns value based on role.  As long as we find our worth in our to-do list, we will confuse equality and sameness.”

Performing Experiments on Ourselves
Kim talks about attention spans and concludes with an experiment I was considering myself the last couple of days.

Mental Illness: What is the church’s role?
“In general, the church tends to handle mental illness in one of three ways: ignore it, treat it exclusively as a spiritual problem, or refer people to professionals and wash our hands of their trouble.”

Give your pastor a break
One for elders and deacons.

“6-year-old with spina bifida does a stunt”
A rightly proud father sent me this amazing video of his adopted son, Nathan, who has spina bifida and has no feeling or movement in his legs. Suddenly, today doesn’t seem so bad, does it!?

  • se7en

    Well done Nathan… you had all my kids trying your trick on their bunk beds… but I think you did it way better than them!!!