Going outside the camp
Superb article here on the Ligonier website about one man’s struggle with his son’s mental illness and what he wants the church to learn from it.

Rainfall and things that abide forever
Augustine of Hippo once wrote: “In the study of created things we must not exercise a mere idle and passing curiosity, but must make them a stepping-stone to things that are immortal and that abide forever.”

MOOC Divinity School
With the advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Scott McKnight envisages the future of the Seminary. Deliberately overstated (I think), but in some parts not from from what will become a reality.

My valuable cheap College degree
President of the American Enterprise Institute makes the moral case for the $10K BA.

Why do you encourage Christians to live more separate lives?
R. C. Sproul Jr. answers.

The Art of Restoration Amidst Detroit’s Ruined Walls
Watch how this talented artist turns ugliness into beauty.