The pastor and his reading
Reading guru Tony Reinke has a link in this article to the address he gave at the Desiring God National Conference. He lists 14 ways a pastor can build a reading church.

Simple ideas that are borderline genius
Use these photos to marvel at how much divine creativity reamins in His image-bearers.

8 ways to pray during sermon preparation
Good one to print out and tape to your screen.

20 Tips for Parenting Young Kids
Now really looking forward to Steve’s next post on parenting teens ;)

Any place for the God of Job?
Carl covers a lot in this post but one para I especially enjoyed was this: “Christians are no more exempt from depression than they are from cancer or strokes; and the idea that these things are necessarily linked to our lack of faith, to our personal sin, to our outlook on life, or, indeed, to anything intrinsic to us, is nonsense and unbiblical.” He concludes: “One of the problems with Osteen is that his theology has no place for the God of Job.   But before we go after Osteen on this score, we need to ask ourselves: Does our theology have a place for such a God?”

What you need to know for preaching through Ecclesiastes
Timothy Reymond recently concluded a 13 sermon series on Ecclesiastes – no mean feat – and passes on three reflections on the experience.