Your pastor isn’t a pundit
“Often we put the pastor in a position demanding that he speak as a professional expert into an issue about which the wisest thing he could probably say is, “I don’t know.” One of the wisest things a pastor can do is to admit a lack of knowledge and refer people to someone better suited to help. If only we would let them do so.”

Depression Seminar
I’ll be leading a Depression Seminar this coming Friday and Saturday in Hudsonville. You can get more details here, but if you come along you’ll get advance viewing of three episodes from HeadHeartHand Media’s forthcoming documentary/curriculum on how the church can better serve the depressed and those who care for them.

A New Image for Black Men
I wish there was more Gospel in this, but it’s still a phenomenally brave challenge both to white and black men.

Endtimes Infographic
This is very well done. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

I will not let you go
Last week Greg Lucas ended up in a violent and vicious fight with … (you’ll have to read to find out)

The Rich Tapestry of God’s Providence
This fantastic story tells two sides of how Tim Challies mother was converted. And here’s Tim’s mother’s take on it.