A Prayer for Pharisees of Grace and Gospel Scribes
A brave post and a brave prayer.

5 Reasons you Should Celebrate Black History Month
Must be honest, this is the first year I have.

Why I don’t watch Downtown Abbey
Like Rebecca, I was hopeful this might be a beautiful educational series. I think I got to about 10 minutes of Season 1, Episode 1 on Amazon Prime before I turned it off.

Am I too sinful to be married?
“The truth is: I am single because God loves me, not because He is punishing me.”

Reformed Church Witness in Texas Maximum Security Prison
This is a great story of God’s grace reaching across gender, race, and social chasms.

Spurgeon and Infant Salvation
“I know that there are those who think the Bible’s teaching on infant salvation is not clear, or at least is confined to children of the covenant, whatever that means. I don’t expect that this passage in isolation will be persuasive to those people. But when added to the list of the other 26 passages, I think the case is insurmountable. Every single verse (and I list now 27 of them) in the Bible that speaks to this issue, points to the fact that those who die at a young age simply lived their lives on the short road to glory.”