How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
Heart-warming video of retired pastor Derek Prime telling a congregation what God is still teaching him in his 82nd year.

My Top 5 Books on Mental Illness
Good to see Matthew Stanford’s book on this list.

5 Love Languages of Pastors
Top 5 ways to express your love for your pastor.

Why Clarence Thomas Uses Simple Words in his Opinions
Preachers take note of Thomas’ words: “The beauty, the genius is not to write a 5 cent idea in a ten dollar sentence. It’s to put a ten dollar idea in a 5 cent sentence. ”

Old School Counseling, Part I
Adam Embry extracts counseling lessons from the Puritans.

7 Things Pastors should Teach those in the Workplace
“As a pastor seeks to teach biblically about marketplace dynamics, it is helpful for him to deepen his empathy and broaden his understanding of the vocations represented in his congregation.”