Over the past few years I’ve been bookmarking blog articles on subjects that interest me. When preparing a lecture on electronic resources for my Preaching Class students, I was surprised to discover that I had accumulated 200+ of these on the subject of preaching. So here you go, a Homiletics Course in one blog post!

Preaching that Cuts to the Heart – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Delivery Dynamics: Are You You? | Biblical Preaching

What does cooking meals have to do with sermons? | Not So Common Sense Blog

Delivery Dynamics: Will They Listen | Biblical Preaching

Borrowed Light: Suggested Resources On Preaching

8 Ways to Pray During Sermon Preparation | 9Marks

Workman’s Toolbox – 5.2.13

Clarity and discretion – Reformation21 Blog

Preaching and Complementarity « Miscellanies.

You or We?

“On Preaching Christ from Daniel” by Sidney Greidanus

Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology: Thoughts for Guest Preachers, and the Churches That Invite Them

John Piper’s Sermon Preparation | Alex Chediak

How Do You Define Preaching? 3 – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

Don Carson’s Lectures On Preaching

The Secret to Spurgeon’s Evangelistic Ministry by Steven Lawson | Ligonier Ministries Blog

How long?

Every Pastor is a Translator | H.B. Charles Jr.

Pyromaniacs: Ways to profit from an expository sermon

Making Truth Memorable | Biblical Preaching

10 Questions For Expositors – Brian Croft

Preacher School #5: Outline the Passage

Expositional Preaching In Housing Schemes? What A Joke! « niddriepastor

Between The Times

I Preach for Me | Leadership Journal

Read the Text, the Whole Text and Nothing but the Text!

What You’ll Never Hear About Preaching in Seminary: Theological Matters

The Struggle for Reference Simplicity

Deep Preaching: Theological Matters

Fundamentals of Expository Preaching – YouTube

How to Transition Between the Points of Your Sermon without Losing Your Audience | Pastoralized

5 things I wish I had known as a young pastor – News with a Christian Perspective

Neither Padded, Nor Dense – 2 | Biblical Preaching

The Craft of Life-Changing Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Ways to Capture and Hold Attention, Part 2 | hopeingod.org

Ways to Capture and Hold Attention, Part 1 | hopeingod.org

The Missing Ingredient in Many Sermons | Ordinary Pastor

Be Careful with How-To Sermons | joethorn.net

Preaching and Sermon Preparation – Reformed Forum

Things I’ve Learned Along the Way… | H.B. Charles Jr.

Moore to the Point – Good News for Bad Preachers

How should a pastor respond when he is complimented about his sermon? | Practical Shepherding

Preaching to the Mixed Congregation | Biblical Preaching

Four Rules for Preachers – Justin Taylor

How to Guarantee Your Sermon Illustrations Succeed by Eric McKiddie – ChurchLeaders.com 

Stop preaching only to the choir? | The Briefing

Ed Stetzer – Preaching “One-Time” Sermons

Planks and Slices 2 – Preaching Plank Grains | Biblical Preaching

8 rules for preachers from Luther – Reformation21 Blog

BibleX: Teaching vs. Preaching

The Personality of the Preacher 3 | Biblical Preaching

The Personality of the Preacher 2 | Biblical Preaching

The Personality of the Preacher | Biblical Preaching

Pointers for Preaching Epistles Effectively – Pt.5

The dilemma of preaching and hearing God’s word | The Briefing

25 Pointers for Preaching Epistles Effectively | Biblical Preaching

Applying the Sermon: Watch out for Pits, Walls and Stones « Preaching Barefoot

Preaching to the Heart | Biblical Preaching

First Sermon Jitters: Help for Aspiring Preachers

Preaching and Word Studies | Biblical Preaching

Becoming Well-Spoken: How to Minimize Your Uh’s and Um’s | The Art of Manliness

The real skill of preparation | The Proclamation Trust

Preachers on Preaching | The Cripplegate

Tuning the Preacher’s Ear | Books and Culture

(42) Ask RC- What’s the difference between teaching and preaching?

Teaching preaching | The Briefing

Paper or Plastic? Why I hate handwritten sermon notes | The Cripplegate

Deeper Application – Blog – DashHouse.com

Reflections on Great Bible Teaching – Part 1

Extended Gestation | Biblical Preaching

How We Are Judged by Our Voice in Dating and the Workplace | Psychology Today

40 Lessons I’ve Learned About Preaching After My 400th Sermon | Pastoralized

Preaching to the Mixed Congregation

Sermon preparation – Ray Ortlund

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Preaching | Ordinary Pastor

Stop using illustrations | The Proclamation Trust

Preaching from an iPad | The Proclamation Trust

6 Bullet Points on Preaching | Challies Dot Com

How to Preach Like Phil Ryken and Duane Litfin Without Sounding Like Them | Pastoralized

The Centrality of Preaching « Reformed Baptist Fellowship

The Value of Sermon Introductions: How to Stop Giving Your Congregation Theological Whiplash | Pastoralized

15 Ways to Improve Clarity | Biblical Preaching

Tim Keller on Writing a Sermon – YouTube

The one sentence most public speakers get wrong | Articles

9 Reasons Why I Preach Expositionally by Danny Slavich -SermonCentral.com

The Upward Call – Affective Preaching

Sermon notes | The Proclamation Trust

Is preaching without notes the most authentic? Part 2 | The Proclamation Trust

3 Things Photographers Can Teach You about Developing an Eye for Sermon Illustrations | Pastoralized

Exiled Preacher: Preaching: A Beginners’ Guide (1)

5 Ways Pastors Can Improve Their Apologetic Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Pastors: Don’t Just Quote but Be Quotable | Ordinary Pastor

Why Expository Preaching is the Power for Pastoral Ministry | Dr. Michael A. Milton’s Blog

The Christian Curmudgeon: Don’t Tase Me, Bro

Four Easy (and often overlooked) Tips that Could Improve Your Preaching | Ordinary Pastor

Founders Ministries Blog: The need for discriminating preaching and the danger of its absence

Application in Sermons – White Horse Inn Blog

Guest Post: Ligon Duncan on Lloyd-Jones – Kevin DeYoung

An Interview with Albert N. Martin about his book Preaching in the Holy Spirit. Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2011, 67 pp., paperback. « Biblical Spirituality

When Presenting, Remember to Pause – Jerry Weissman – Harvard Business Review

TGC Asks: How Do You Preach a ‘One Time’ Sermon? – The Gospel Coalition Blog

A Call for Authoritative Preaching

The difference between a lecture and a sermon – Reformation21 Blog

Preaching Through Joshua | Preaching.com

Flattery Can Kill – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Speak Up, Preacher! | 9Marks

10 steps to better preaching | Mission-minded Church | Sydneyanglicans.net

Maybe I Do Want Topical Preaching? | 9Marks

Preaching during the Christmas Season – Reformation21 Blog

Don’t Strive To Be a Great Preacher – Reformation21 Blog

The Gospel-Driven Church: Preaching with the Grain

BibleX: Five Crucial Sermon Questions

Preaching for Application – Justin Taylor

Quote unquote | The Proclamation Trust

BibleX: The Value of a Good Outline

Should Preachers Show Their Work? Or, Should Our Preaching Train People to Read the Bible? | For His Renown

Adam’s Apple: Preaching from an iPad | The Cripplegate

Hearing Both Sides Of The Preaching Debate « unashamed

More Thoughts on Sermon Manuscripts « Provocations & Pantings

7 Reasons in Support of Consecutive Exposition of the Scripture

Why context matters… | The Proclamation Trust

Evaluating Your Sermon One Hour Later | 9Marks

GUEST POST – Billy Graham, the first sincere preacher many had heard

Some Criteria for Evaluating Preachers and Preaching

Luther on sermon length « Expository Thoughts

An assessment of preaching « The Wanderer

Moving Toward Noteless | Biblical Preaching

Themelios | Article: A Preachers Decalogue – The Gospel Coalition

Preaching Today: A Discussion with Jared Wilson and Tony Merida « Modern March | church theology culture

Take Your Vitamin Z: The Difference Between Great and Mediocre

Writing A Book – Structure

Paul Washer on Homiletics | The Cripplegate

How long should my sermons be when I preach? | Practical Shepherding

Help in Preaching the Hardest Sermons – Justin Taylor

Writing Style 7 | Euangelion

Forrest Gump-ing Your Way to a “Good” Sermon | Blogging Theologically | Jesus, Books, Culture, & Theology

Principles for preaching « The Wanderer

Lloyd-Jones on the Practice of Real Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog

The Big Idea | DashHouse.com

Meditate Your Way To A More Creative Mind | Fast Company

Introducing the 2011 EMA books (1) | The Proclamation Trust

The Power in Persuasion: An Interview with N.D. Wilson and Doug Wilson – TGC Reviews

Christoph Niemann on Happiness, Work and Creativity | Brain Pickings

Pyromaniacs: On the Folly of Preaching too Long

Dale Ralph Davis on Preaching and Praying the Psalms « unashamed

What Tone Should Preachers Aim At? – Desiring God

A Presenter’s Guide to Remembering What to Say – Jerry Weissman – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

How to Improve Your Public Speaking by Practicing Out Loud

7 Ways to Preach a Lousy Sermon by Ken Collins -SermonCentral.com

7 Marks of Great Preaching by David Lose -SermonCentral.com

Practical Tips for Expository Preachers | Crossway

Urban Legends: The Preacher’s Edition : Kingdom People

How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher? – Reformation21

Preaching: Simple, not Simplistic | NWBingham.com

BibleX: Should Non-Preachers Read Preaching Books?

Preaching evangelistically without preaching a bolt on | The Proclamation Trust

What is Homiletics? on Vimeo

Six Keys to Poor Preaching

YouTube – What is Redemptive-Historical Preaching?

Paradoxically Speaking: Simple Preaching

Q & A on Preaching – Vaughan Roberts « unashamed

Voice lessons | The Christian Century

6 Advantages Of Consecutive Expository Preaching | NWBingham.com

Don’t be afraid to preach to the affections | The Proclamation Trust

Get Ready for Your Pastor’s Next Sermon Dud! – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

Notes from My Speech Coach

Evangelistic Preaching on Sunday Morning? – Justin Taylor

Simplicity and love in preaching | The Proclamation Trust

The Peculiar Pleasure of Difficult Sermons « unashamed

The Three Basic Forms of Defective Preaching « Building Old School Churches

3 Reasons Why PowerPoint Preaching is Not Prophetic

7 Tips for Public Speaking Without All the Notes

How do you do expositional preaching poorly? | 9Marks

Greg Beale on Preaching

Preaching that Paints the Sheeding of Christ’s Blood - Feeding on Christ

C.S. Lewis’s Advice on Writing Well – Justin Taylor

Derek Tidball Lectures on Preaching – Justin Taylor

A Classical Analysis of Puritan Preaching – Reformation21

Richard Gaffin Lectures: Reformed Hermeneutics – Justin Taylor

Preaching to the Whole Choir – Kevin DeYoung

Consider how you listen – Reformation21 Blog

Josh Moody on Preaching – Justin Taylor

Feeding on Christ » Blog Archive » The Apostolic Hermenuetic: Preaching Christ From All The Scriptures

Does a Sermon Really Change Anybody? « Preaching Barefoot

Gospel-Centered Preaching : Kingdom People

How to Think of Sermon Preparation and Delivery Like a Three-Course Meal – Justin Taylor

Feeding on Christ » Blog Archive » The Imperative of the Indicative: Preaching Christ from the Gospels

How Expositional Preaching Protects Preachers

On Sermon Application

Preaching with Bold Assurance: An Interview with Hershael York : Kingdom People

An Outline for a Process of Sermon Preparation – Justin Taylor

Filtered Listening, 2: Source – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

Filtered Listening: True or False – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile