It takes a B.A. to find a job as a file clerk
All the more reason to start your own business.

The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn!
Bit late for me, but hopefully might spare some of you unnecessary suffering. Of course, not everyone’s learning style is the same; I’m a highlighter and mnemonic guy.

Respect yourself and take back control of your calendar
Four ways to avoid being overbooked. And along similar lines from Harvard Business Review, Stop being a People Pleaser.

Survey: Spiritual Maturity Comes Through Intentionality
In some ways, it’s a pity we need a survey to tell us that “Christians on the path to spiritual maturity have a habit of seeking God through prayer and worship—not just in church but also as a part of their daily life as a way to please and honor God.”

A Social Media Heartcheck
“Social media gives us some very helpful opportunities and abilities, but it is also a powerful reflector of what is going on in the heart. Don’t run away from the opportunity to probe a little bit!”

Digital Stress and Your Brain [Infographic] Another one to share with your kids.