Why we need character over charisma in our Christian leaders
“At 20schemes we want recruit men and women who must understand that they need to have Godly character if they are to succeed long term in ministry.”

Your Phone vs. Your Heart
An extremely important article explaining how our cellphones are actually changing our brains.

The Truth of the Cross
Free eBook by R.C. Sproul.

How to write six important papers a year without breaking sweat
I’ve been beating the drum for deep immersion for a long time.  Although everything in our culture and churches militate against it, yet it’s the key to long-term quality work.

Grace and legalism: two misunderstood terms
“Obedience to God’s law is not legalism. Obedience to God’s law in an effort to earn favor from God is legalism.”

10 Practical tools when visiting new parents in hospital
As someone who’s “expecting” to be on the receiving end in six weeks time, I’d add: If possible, phone ahead first and ask if it’s OK.