Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won’t Hire You
“If you’re at all interested in media, technology or related fields, please learn a little computer programming.”

Laptop U
Extensive essay on the impact of MOOCs and digital technology on the classroom.

What does the highest paid public employee in every state have in common?
Click on the link to find out. What does this say about us?

The purpose-driven wife (and other sermon titles)
Peter Grainger challenges us to become more creative in our sermon titles. Along similar lines here’s Michael Hyatt on Four Strategies for Creating Titles that Jump off the Page.

There is Hope!
Greg Lucas guides us through one of the most harrowing disability stories I’ve read and into the hope of the Gospel.

My problem with Life of Pi
Joel Miller: “Like the version of events at sea, Pi constructs his own version of God. It’s a fantastical and nonsensical version, but it’s his. The problem is that it no more honors the Jesus Pi claims to love than his fantasy honors the memory of his mother who was murdered and thrown to sharks.”