I don’t know if anyone else is interested in this, but as Shona is coming home from hospital today and I’ve got about 2 minutes to get the house tidied, I thought I’d throw up some baby pics instead of writing a blog post. World, welcome Scot Lewis Murray!

And it’s all too much for this old man.

“Where’s Mom?” you’re asking. “Did she not have something to do with this?”

She’s not quite ready for public internet photos in her pyjamas! It’s an old people thing. Maybe tomorrow.

  • http://philippians314.squarespace.com Kim Shay

    Details, details! How much did he weigh? How long was he? Such sweet pictures. God bless you, dear Shona, and have a quick recovery. Many blessings to the eager siblings who await this little boy into their midst!

    • http://homeschoolonthecroft.blogspot.com/ Anne

      Kim, can’t you tell it’s a man posting this when none of that information is forthcoming? ;)

      • http://philippians314.squarespace.com Kim Shay

        I was thinking that! If Shona had posted, perhaps we would know these details!

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Okay, okay. Details. Eh, quite light and quite long. You want more? 7lbs and 6oz. 49 somethings long (inches or cm?).

      • http://philippians314.squarespace.com Kim Shay

        Thank you!

      • bchallies

        Oh David, that cracks me up….49 inches long….That would make him over four feet tall…I am just picturing it….

  • http://www.scribblepreach.com Nick McDonald

    Beautiful. Nice work, David.

  • http://homeschoolonthecroft.blogspot.com/ Anne

    It’s not an ‘old people’ thing, though it may be a ‘Scottish/Lewis’ thing, David!

    Who’d have thought a person could feel such love for a baby a whole continent away, who’s just been born, and who has only been seen in photos?

    Thanks for the photos. Methinks he looks like Angus.

  • Flavia

    lovely! congratulations! May the Lord bless him!

  • http://www.joethorn.net Joe Thorn

    Handsome boy! What a gift. Praise the Lord!

  • Kyle

    What a blessing! Thankful for covenant children, and thankful that the promises of the gospel are not too narrow to exclude them!

  • Anne Marie Henderson

    What a lovely little man and methinks he’ll rule the roost, even if you have had the practice of 4 others, they’ll all be on his side! God bless you as a family and all my love to Shona, hope she’s making a good recovery.

  • Shaun

    Dear Scot
    What a great blessing young man! You have been given great parents and siblings by our Lord. Please treat your mom and dad with special care, obey them and they will bring great joy to you and you to them. Say “well done” to mom and wish her all the best. Tell dad – great post!

  • CherylVT

    What a handsome young man! And already such personality in his eyes. I absolutely love the last picture. Praying for Shona’s healing. C-sections are not fun & take so much longer to recover from. =(

  • http://www.se7en.org.za se7en

    Well hello little Scot Lewis… Welcome to the world!!! What a blessing you are, we pray that you may grow up to love the Lord with all your heart…

  • Les


  • Jennia

    He’s beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family!

  • Cameron

    So awesome Dr. Murray!

  • Kelley

    Beautiful. God bless you ALL.

  • http://www.housewifetheologian.com Aimee Byrd


  • http://ruinredemptionregeneration.blogspot.ca meagan v


  • http://katie-joy.blogspot.com Katie D.

    What a precious little man. Congratulations!

  • http://www.peterreynoldsbooks.com/ Peter Reynolds

    Well to judge by the comments your implied suggestion that it would be all women clicking through was wrong. Congratulations David and Shona! But maybe all the women went away without commenting because you didn’t give the weight…

  • Flora Compton

    That’s quite a name! Congratulations and blessings to all.
    Dave and Flora

  • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

    Thank you so much for all your good wishes. It’s so wonderful to sense so many rejoicing with us. Thank you.

  • http://www.theologyforgirls.com Diane

    He is beautiful. Congratulations!

  • http://www.kevingalloway.com Kevin Galloway

    What a handsome young lad and wonderfully proud papa! Rejoicing with you and Shona!

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Thanks Kevin. Hope you’ll get to meet him soon.

  • Lorraine

    Congratulations! I just heard about a month ago that Shona was expecting so I was really surprised to see him here already! Glad everything went well and thanks for sharing. God’s blessing and strength to both of you.

  • bchallies

    David, he is beautiful! Congratulations to your family.

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Thanks Barbara.

  • Lena

    Rejoicing with you all. What a precious gift.

  • susan davenport

    So very thankful he is here and healthy. Trusting that Shona is doing well too. Our love to you all and what a blessed little boy to have you both as his parents, as well as his siblings, who will be such a big help! Love his name!!! Enjoy every minute!!!!

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Thanks Susan. We wanted our first American (and probably last!) to remember his roots.

  • http://docnash.blogspot.com Naiesha Kaunds

    Praises to God for your newborn! Welcome to this wordl, Scott. :) God bless.

  • Cora

    Congratulations! What a handsome little guy – already! So glad Shona and Scot are healthy – praying for a good recovery and lots of growth spurts (for baby of course!)

  • Sean

    Congratulations David and Shona! Happy for you.