The Psalms of David – Sung a cappella
A vast range of different Psalters and tune selections for your listening (and singing) pleasure.

Christians who tithe have healthier finances than those who don’t
Latest findings from the State of the Plate survey.

Facebook fatigue stirs investor concern
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Pondering a digital future
I was fascinated by Ed Stetzer’s comment about the Gospel Project’s success:  ”While adoption of the print products far exceeded LifeWay’s expectations, the company ‘vastly overestimated usage’ of the correlated digital tools (even though, by Stetzer’s estimate, they are “amazing”).” Looks like the digital future has a large print component.

Defining Corporate Worship
I like this definition, but I would have preferred some mention of joy. What do you think?

Baker Book House Signing
I’ll be giving an address on Christians get depressed too, doing a Q&A, and signing books at Baker Book House on Thursday 23rd May at 7.30pm.