The Six Mile Water Revival
Last year Pastor Robert Campbell made a documentary-style DVD about the Sixmilewater Revival in the 1620s-1630s. He’s now made it available to watch online for free. Hope it stirs up prayer for more revivals.

True Scandal
This is SCARY!

How to spice up bland sermons
Erik Raymond suggest five ingredients.

What is flourishing?
“The idea of flourishing should be important to Christians today. But what is flourishing? Is it biblical? And how do we get it?”

Top Seven Reasons to Post Sermons Online
And is a great place to do this.

Why sing Psalms?
If you’ve never done it, here are a number of good reasons for starting.

  • Jeff

    In regard to singing the Psalms, I have always wondered why most of the tines are from the 16th century? What happened to the original tunes? At some point, the tunes David wrote were considered “new”. I wonder if he got push back from the elders….”now David, you are using too many harps & cymbals…” good article, but what about the music itself?