How to be a weird Christian without being a WEIRD Christian
Stephen Altrogge: “Because following Jesus is “weird” and the message of the gospel is “folly”, we must take care that we do not add any additional stumbling blocks to the message of the gospel.”

A Neglected Grace
Jason Helopoulos’s excellent new book on family worship. I was glad to be able to endorse this book as follows:

Just what I needed! An encouraging refresher on family worship that reminded me of the “Why?” and gave me lots of new ideas about “How?” Also a powerful motivation and perfect guide for parents just starting this much-blessed practice, with lots of practical and realistic tips.

The best way I’ve found to study the Old Testament
It is as if God is saying, “Go, child, go get lost. The hundreds of paths and valleys and mountains and shorelines – you’ll never map them all. Go get lost in that book. Get to know the foreign country; get to know the characters, at their most vile and most faithful; get to know the atmosphere. And as I whisper to you about that greater Israelite and priest and prophet and king, you’ll find you’ve lost something you didn’t need, and found a new home you didn’t know existed.”

Why I don’t bother trying to get my Inbox to zero
I admire Miller’s courage and decisiveness.

Car design driven by 2,500 Post-it Notes
Fascinating insight into how a car is designed. Cody is journalist Collin Hansen’s brother.

The Sufficiency of Scripture
Superb article from Carl Truman. Most thought provoking quote: “There is a sense in which we might say that Protestants believe in the insufficiency of Scripture: we acknowledge that Scripture is insufficient for many of the details of everyday life, such as motorcycle maintenance and cooking curries. It is even insufficient for the day-to-day running and good health of the church: we need elders, deacons and forms of sound words. What it is sufficient for, however, is for regulating the doctrinal content of the Christian faith and the life of the church at a principial level.”