Reading Comprehension Just as Good on Kindle as with Paper
“From an educational and classroom perspective, these results are comforting,” the researchers concluded. “While new technologies have sometimes been seen as disruptive, these results indicate that students’ comprehension does not necessarily suffer, regardless of the format from which they read their text.”

10 Books that Shaped my Theology of Suffering
Mike Leake recently wrote an excellent short book on suffering, Torn to Heal. Here he lists the books that shaped his thinking.

World’s Most Expensive Motorhome Goes on Sale
You’ve just got to click through to see the pictures and video of this. If you start coveting, you’ve got a taste problem.

Are mental disorders real illnesses
Adrian Warnock comments on the controversy surrounding the DSM V.

7 Suggestions to Improve Accessibility
Peter Mead: “How can we improve at offering explanation that will help people at the lower range of understanding?  Perhaps your preaching goes over peoples’ heads, but you want to explain the Bible in a way that is accessible to younger Christians or less biblically literate folk?  Some suggestions:”

Commentaries as a Ministry
I am so thankful for those God has called to write Bible commentaries. Men like Douglas Moo are such a gift to the church.

  • Curtis Sheidler

    Dr. Murray, have you ever considered writing a commentary yourself? Your messages on the suffering servant songs in Isaiah from the 2010 PRTS conference on the beauty of Christ continue to stick in my mind even today. (And not because of your accent, either–remember, that was the ‘Scottish Reformer Appreciation Day’ of the conference! ;) )

    • David Murray

      Curtis, thanks for your kinds words. I’ve certainly thought about it, but I’d like to make sure I actually add something of value rather than just pulp a few more trees!