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  • Robert Miller

    It is one thing to say that inter-racial marriage is lawful. I would whole-heartily concur with this sentiment. However, is it at all beneficial to encourage inter-racial marriage? Too many times I see what appears to be “white guilt” in Southern white Christians such as my self. Instead of repenting of unbiblical views on race and changing their views to those that conform to the Scriptures, many people take a quick ride on the pendulum to the other side and begin to speak of racial mingling as almost preferable to single race marriage and society. Should the little country church in 99% white Northern Arkansas or Northern Alabama lament the fact that no colored people are members? I think not! The church is to be organic and local, comprised of families and the extended “family” of the community. If this means that the church is biracial, then that is fine. If it means the church is single race, that is fine too. It is helpful to remember that, in the biblical sense of the word, nations are really extended families. In the seed of Abraham, all the nations/”families” of the earth would be blessed. Nations are built on blood and kin, not ideas. Extended families usually share similar racial constructs, blood, heritage etc. To encourage a complete lack of separation between the families of the earth i.e. the races (not merely colors) of the earth is to completely erase the concept of nations, and that is not something we as confessional Christians can do in good faith. While there is certainly room for former members of other “families”/races to be adopted into a different nation (think Rahab) it is not preferable or normative. This is not kinism, it is just what I see as God’s normal, good, helpful social order. God created, out of one blood, the nations/families of the earth, and He set the bounds of their habitations in His perfect providence. To deny the distinctives of God’s ordained families living in peace and Godly harmony with each other, in order to opt for a big, blended, egalitarian mix, is unhelpful and I believe unChristian.

    Even in the New Heavens and New Earth there will be nations. There is no warrant to believe that these will be merely political states with no blood and kin ties, so we must consider them in light of the normative Biblical notion of nations, that is, large extended families.

    Please forgive my getting carried away. In closing, racism, kinism, and all forms of racial prejudice are unacceptable. However, God did create nations, tongues, tribes, families, and by extension race. We should not seek to advance a jacobin notion of egalitarian equality, we should contrarily advance a Godly form of equality that does not preclude dinstinctives between race, nations, and families. As for interracial marriage, it is clearly lawful. However, is it expedient? Are we advancing it because we have bought the lie of egalitarianism? These are questions that I cannot answer for everyone, but they are worthy of consideration.

    For Christ and Kirk,
    R.G. Miller

  • Robert Miller

    Just a follow up, I know several inter-racial families that are godly and that I respect. My main issue is with the over reaction to former days of “racism” that verges on egalitarianism.

    • David Murray

      Yes, these are good questions, Robert, and I accept your motives are good. I do wonder though if we can say that God created the separate nations. Do we not trace the separate nations to sin? Sin caused separation of families (Gen 3ff), and then of peoples (Gen 11 ff)?