Twenty Types of Tweet
Helpful, especially if you believe, as Leonard Sweet does, that Twitter is “the ultimate medium for discipleship!”  I think (hope) that’s slightly tongue-in-cheek, but Sweet goes on to explain “the four leading ways that Twitter has changed my life and made me a better follower of Jesus.”

Christ-centered Hermeneutics and Typology
Ed Stetzer is hosting a discussion about Christ-centered interpretation of the Old Testament. In the second installment of my own contribution, I argue that the most important question in Old Testament interpretation is, “How were Old testament believers saved?”

The “right side of history” is full of re-writes
Ted Olsen cautions supporters of gay marriage that “fortune tellers don’t have great track records.”

Please don’t say this to me
Voddie Baucham’s daughter pleads with parents to stop saying to her: “I just want you to tell me everything your parents did with you so that I know how I can have a daughter exactly like you.”

What is Christian literature?
Joel Miller’s answer: “God’s truth, wherever you find it.”

The Sad Christian
If you want to begin to understand what depression is like, this is where to start. This is so raw, so real, so honest, so well written. Thank you, Michael Patton, for articulating the feelings and thoughts of millions of our fellow-Christians.