9 Struggles Of Being A Pastor’s Wife
From Brian and Cara Croft’s new book, The Pastor’s Family.

Predators in the Pew
10 ways to protect against child abuse in your church. In a similar vein here’s  a survey of The Belief Systems that Support Spiritual Abuse.

Bryan Chapell on Christ-centered Preaching
“The most basic and common way to see redemptive truth(s) in any text is by asking two questions that are fair to ask of any text: 1) What does this text reflect about the nature of God who provides redemption? and/or, 2) What does this text reflect about the nature of humanity that requires redemption?”

Has God Called You?
Al Mohler on discerning the call to preach.

Cliff Notes On Spiritual Mentoring
By a man who has devoted much of his life to mentoring men.

Discussing Racism
A checklist before you start “a conversation” on race.

  • http://www.claredegraaf.com Clare De Graaf

    Thank you for screening through all the blogs out there and highlighting those you think would be most helpful for Christian leaders. Perhaps that’s why I feel so honored when you recommend one of my blog, like this week’s on Spiritual Mentoring. Thanks.

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Thanks Clare. I enjoy your own blog very much.