A preacher is a sinner. Yes, God calls preachers to high and exacting standards of holiness in character and life. But the preacher remains a sinner. Six times in chapter 33, God called Ezekiel “son of man,” and many other times throughout the book. He was reminding Ezekiel and his hearers that although God had given him a prominent and important position, he remained a mere man

He is a “son of man” and therefore a sinful man. He is not an angel, nor a perfect specimen of humanity, but a flawed human being liable to errors and mistakes from time to time. The best of men are still men at their best.

Don’t come to my church
Now, of course, the preacher’s mistakes and errors should not be huge and regular; they should be as few as possible and as small as possible. However, even the most holy and gifted preachers are going to blunder from time to time in their sermons. If you can only profit from perfect sermons from a perfect preacher, don’t come to my church, because you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Foolishness of preaching
I believe this is large part of what the Apostle Paul calls “the foolishness of preaching,” the fact that God has chosen such fallible and faulty men to be His heralds and to be the means of saving those who believe.

And that’s an encouragement to preachers too. If God can use short-tempered Moses, failed-father Samuel, despairing Jeremiah, Christ-denying Peter, half-hearted Mark, and fearful Timothy, he can also use me.

What is a preacher?

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