How Facebook Hurts Us
Also here’s Barry York on Facebook Psychology.

Jesus On Every Page Giveaway
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Let’s Talk About Mental Illness
Stephen lets the Bible interpret his experience.

Tutor Reveals Ivy League Admissions Madness of Penthouse Parents
This must be happening in some parallel universe.

The Decline of E-Empires
Probably the first and last time I link to Paul Krugman, but he’s actually talking some sense here.

10 Ways To Be Present And Be A Better Listener
Seems so elementary and yet what a difference this would make to many relationships. It’s amazing that despite spending 12 years in school, very few kids are taught this basic skill.

  • Gordon

    Decline of E-Empires: As the saying goes, “Even a blind hog roots up an acorn now and then.” But not this time. Krugman, true to form, knows not of what he speaks. Only socialists ever thought Microsoft was a monopoly. The simply fact is that Apple has never been more than a niche product in the computer world compare to PCs. Apple’s success under Jobs second tour (Notice he was an abject failure the first time as CEO trying to outdo Microsoft on their turf; anybody remember the Lisa?)was in non-computer products–iPod, iPhone, and iPad. But all these are are now commodities. All e-empires, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, await for the next technology breakthrough. Then, until the Lord returns, the cycle will spiral forward again with old and new companies, with winners and losers.