Gospel eBooks is hosting a Google Hangout tonight on the subject of Jesus On Every Page. I’ll be interviewed by Kim from Thomas Nelson and you’ll also have a chance to join the discussion via video and social media.

Why not visit the official Facebook event page, click join, and invite your friends to come too.  That’s also where you’ll be able to ask me your questions, chat during the Hangout, and where the giveaways will happen, including the opportunity to win Logos 5! (See more details below).

In the meantime, for 48 hours only, you can buy a Kindle or eBook version of Jesus on Every Page for only $4.99.

Giveaway Information

You have to join the Hangout event to find out how to participate in the Giveaway.

GIVEAWAY #1 (5-10 winners)

A “Jesus on Every Page” digital prize pack valued at $100. Here’s what’s included in the prize pack:

  • Old Testament Introduction Course. David’s 63-lecture, 450-page introduction to (almost) every book in the Old Testament. Each Old Testament book is summarized and analyzed, with many Christ-centered applications.
  • Cross Reference – Angel of the Lord Video Curriculum and Study Guide: 10-video series on Christ’s appearances as the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament, together with pdf of Study Guide.
  • God’s Home: A mini-novel with nine chapters that looks at the Christ-centered meaning of the Tabernacle from the perspective of a young Jewish girl, Jerusha. Also comes with study questions.
  • God’s Food. A five-part Bible Study on the Messiah-centered significance of the Jewish sacrificial system.
  • Jesus on Every Page Digital Posters: 8 Digital Posters presenting the content of the book in graphical form.
  • Jesus on Every Page Study Guide Answers.

GIVEAWAY #2 (5 Winners)

David Murray Products

Will be a David Murray physical prize pack valued at $33. Here’s what’s included in the prize pack:

GRAND PRIZE (1 Winner)


Will be the latest version of the best bible-study software available. One person will receive a LOGOS 5 Starter Pack (valued at $295).