Proposed Name Change for NANC
Good news and good reasoning. Though some are not so happy.

Five Common Expressions I’ve Never Understood
R.C. Sproul Jr.: ”Common sense may be more common than sense. There are any number of shorthand aphorisms in the world and in the church that shape our thinking, but don’t stand up to scrutiny, at least right away.”

Tools for Spiritual Cardiology
Josh Vincent provides nine questions to help us diagnose the cause and cure of doubt or lack of assurance.

Seven Ways For Busy Moms To Get In The Word
Here is a simple guide for busy moms who want to build more slow moments into their everyday — moments to stop and drink deeply from the living well.

Our Make-Believe Parents: When Adam Becomes More Fiction Than Fact
Jared Oliphant: “By “historical Adam” we mean this: if there had been surveillance footage of the garden of Eden, it would have captured dust from the earth in motion, taking the form and shape of the first male human being. It would have captured a single set of footprints all over the garden and, at some point, would have captured two sets of human footprints and audio of a conversation between a couple and a serpent (among other things).”

The Eminent Preachers of Ross-Shire
This brought back many memories as I began my ministry in Lochcarron, Ross-shire, and preached in a number of the churches mentioned in the Days of The Fathers in Ross-Shire. They were changed days, sadly, but the fragrance of these men and their ministries still lived on.

  • rcjr

    Terribly sympathetic with the author of the piece on NANC’s proposed name change. That said, I have long be troubled by what appears to be a significant veering away from one of the two key points of Competent to Counsel within NANC. That is, how did a book which had as its titular premise that all pastors are competent to counsel become a movement with training programs and non-pastors dominating the practice? The author of this piece even wants to increase training requirements. Pastors do not need to be trained in a a better psychological theory or practice to be competent to counsel- they are competent to counsel.