Walk Like a Pilgrim
Tim Challies and Joel Beeke team up to read a major part of A Puritan Theology. And congratulations to Tim on a fantastic website re-design. I love it.

8 Ways You Might Be Losing People in Your Sermons
“After listening to thousands of sermons and preaching quite a few myself, I have learned 8 different ways that pastors lose people in their sermons.”

The Blessing of The Third Use of The Law
R. C. Sproul Jr. addresses Calvin’s controversial idea of the law showing Christians how to live in a way that pleases God.

Our People Die Well
Phillip Jensen reviews the lives and deaths of some dear Christian friends who recently went to be with the Lord.

Syllabus Shock
Alex Chediak helps freshmen overcome this common affliction.

One Easy Thing All White People Could Do To Make The World A Better Place


  • Hermonta Godwin

    The video clip at the bottom is not an example of white privilege. It is an example of a person not being judged individually. An unknown person is judged as they fit into a category. If your category is judged poorly, then you will be judged poorly. In this situation, the woman should not be mad at white privilege or the checkout lady, she should be mad at black folks who justify such a stance.

    Such is simply a fact of life and not an indication of injustice.