If I was a man headed to Seminary…
Kim Shay: “I am not a man going to seminary, but I, and every other Christian woman, need the support of family and friends in our life long spiritual education. We need encouragement so study deeply, and with purpose. We need prayer support and encouragement to keep learning and to keep living what we learn.”

Grace doesn’t mean you get to do what you want
“We’re fleeing an older generation’s judgmental, legalistic, work-for-your-salvation mentality. That much is good. We’ve rebelled against their theology by adopting the idea that grace actually excuses the sin we want to practice. After all, we’re saved by grace and not works, right?”

Jesus is not your sin manager
Owen Strachan”: “But make no mistake: grace never softens our thirst for obedience. It actually inspires us to go on the warpath against our unholiness. We look to the cross as believers, and we see there lavish forgiveness, but also our fundamental approach to sin. In the power of the cross, we are to kill sin. We are to realize that it is a deadly serious matter. Jesus did not die to manage our sin. He died to kill it.”

4 Lessons Learned From Nursing Home Ministries
Ivan Messa draws lessons from his experience of ministering in nursing homes.

The Church is Already Diverse
Anthony Bradley argues that the church is already diverse racially, culturally, and ethnically.

Jon Acuff Resignation from Dave Ramsey’s Organization Raises Questions
This is indeed a strange one, especially following hard on the heels of Chris Locurto’s recent departure as well. I’m hoping and praying that all is well, because this is a valuable ministry that has done many people a lot of good.

Why is Deuteronomy the Favorite Book of Jesus?

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    Thanks for linking to my TGC post, brother. Blessings!

  • http://dpradke.wordpress.com Daniel Radke

    Dr. Murray, I’m wondering if you’ve heard of the brand new ESV Gospel Transformation Bible (http://gospeltransformationbible.org/) and if so, what do you think about it? Its two main goals are “(1) to enable readers to understand that the whole Bible is a unified message of the gospel of God’s grace culminating in Christ Jesus, and (2) to help believers apply this good news to their everyday lives in a heart-transforming way.”

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Heard good things about it and hope to have a look at it quite soon.