Brandon Todd is one of the shortest men in the world that can dunk basketballs. In this video he explains how and in the process teaches us four life lessons.

Failure is essential for success: ”I failed so many times, it makes my stomach hurt…Everybody fails. The only way to get to succeeding is failing. You have to learn how to succeed. It’s just that simple. It’s not easy.”

Don’t always take the easy road: “Just because the road you choose doesn’t have pavement on it doesn’t mean you’re not to walk down it.”

“Overnight success” results from years of hard work: “Anything is possible. Anything. I’m just a small town kid from Ohio. My grandfather and my mother tell me, “Work hard, work hard, work hard, work hard.” And you’re like “Yeh, but nothing”s happening,” and then “Boom!” It’s possible.”

If Brandon Todd does this to dunk a basketball, how much more intense and intentional should Christians be in their callings and service: ”I had to do so much ridiculous training and hours and hours of jumping, lifting, and throwing stuff, just to put a little basketball inside of a cylinder that’s 10ft off the ground. And it’s still only worth 2 points. I wanted to put myself through all this pain and anguish for that one moment.”