Male and Female Brains Are Built Differently
No, really. “Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania found that male brains have more connections within each hemisphere, while female brains are more interconnected between hemispheres.” Wonder where that leaves the increasing movement to downplay if not deny gender differences. Once again true science confirms God’s Word: “Male and female created he them.”

Banning the Negative Book Review
There’s definitely a growing (and welcome) pushback to all the negativity that the Internet and modern media news cycles have spawned. But then, of course, some foolishly run to the opposite extreme of banning anything negative!

10 Myths Non-Christians Believe About Christians
Looks like the basis of a series of sermons to me (or of blog posts).

  1. Being a Christian means following a set of rules. Christianity is a laundry list of things to do.
  2. People can get to heaven based on how good they are here on earth.
  3. The Christian life is a life of ease and luxury.
  4. Ministers, pastors, are the ‘bosses’ of the church.
  5. Christianity is really only a crutch.
  6. Christians are commanded to hate homosexuals. Christians despise Mormons, JW’s, and other cult members.
  7. Heaven will be boring.
  8. Christians aren’t allowed to think for themselves. Christianity is based on blind faith. Committed Christians are against science.
  9. Christians are not allowed to enjoy sex! Ever!
  10. Christians have a low view of women.

Which State Swears the Most?
That award goes to….Ohio.  How did they measure that? “The Marchex Institute examined more than 600,000 phone calls from the past 12 months—calls placed by consumers to businesses across 30 different industries. It then used call mining technology to isolate the curses therein, cross-referencing them against the state the calls were placed from.”

The World Outside My Window
Now that’s a worldview.

  • Lou G.

    Obviously, the idea of banning all negative book reviews doesn’t make sense, but it’s also not all that surprising. The 20 something generation has one criteria for acceptance: possitivity. Anyone who thinks or analyzes the prevailing groupthink is the defacto outcast and object of (unspoken but assumed) scorn.
    On the flip side, I do believe that places like Amazon who allow negative reviews should be more diligent in scanning those reviews. When I preview a book I’m about to buy, I actually do look at the negative reviews and often there is some good insight or cautionary information there. But also, at times, those reviews can be completely unhelpful or irrelevant.
    In any case, I do see good points on both sides of the issue.

    • David Murray

      Agree with you 100% on the Amazon reviews.

  • Aaron Armstrnog

    Oh my, that article on banning negative reviews was positively dripping with sarcasm. That or I’m just so used to it I assume everything is sarcastic. :)