Angels and the Promise of a Greater World
Joel Miller argues that we must include angels in our worldview.

The Shorter Catechism Set to Music
“The Gospel Coalition is excited to announce a new music project aimed at helping kids learn about God. In partnership with James and Dana Dirksen and their Songs for Saplings collection, we have made 111 songs adapted from the Westminster Shorter Catechism available for free streaming on TGC’s website.”

9 Lies The Media Likes to Tell about Evangelicals
Frank Viola identified nine common lies perpetuated by people in the media.

Scowling at The Angel
A beautiful story about Christ’s grace shining brightly in a tested marriage.

What Causes Burnout
Brad Hambrick: “Burnout is never caused by a single area of life. Burn out is a function of our total life management. One area of life cannot get out of order without overt choices of neglect being made other areas of life.”

Associate Degrees: Bang for your Education Buck
Infographic that might challenge some of your assumptions about further education.

  • Elliot Pierce

    You know that Frank Viola is a bit of an Anabaptist crank, right?

  • Marie Peterson

    I don’t know what means God employed, but there’s a situation in my life that I’ve never been able to quite figure out! I was a freshman in college, and I was feeling under the weather. After folding laundry into my basket, I took some antihistimine and went to bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up and went to the bathroom, which was directly across the hall from my dorm room. On my way back, I suddenly became very dizzy and started falling toward the concrete floor, a nose dive toward a drain grate. The next thing I know, I’m on the floor of my dorm room, my head resting in my basket full of clothes. I didn’t feel any pain- not on my face or head or hands. I got back into bed and slept. That morning, I asked my roommate if she’d seen what happened- she said no. I asked my neighbors, and they said no. I felt a little “out of it” but again, no pain or bruises or anything. The only human explanation could be that I somehow crawled into my room, or someone did find me and move me (but since they knew where I lived, they probably knew me, and they knew if I was passed out, it wasn’t normal…) Anyway, I knew, and still know, that God was the one who protected me from harm- however He did it! (And I no longer take antihistimines- from this and several other incidents, I’ve deduced I’m allergic to them.)